Press and Publications


Somerfield Road, features in the September 2023 UK edition of  Real Homes: ‘Two-storey extensions’, by Jennifer Grimble (2023, Future plc), p.137.


Breakout Extension 2019, features in the new RIBA publication House Goals: Design with architects, transform your home, by Ruth Slavid (2022, RIBA Publications, London), p.17.


Breakout Extension 2019, featured on the Channel 4 Series Extraordinary Extensions, Episode 4, first broadcast 10 Nov 2021.


Kelly Street featured on the Houzz website, in an article entitled “24 Ideas for Using Panelling in Your Bathroom”

Breakout Extension 2019, featured on the China Design Centre website.


Don’t Move, Improve 2019, New London Architecture,  catalogue of the exhibition and awards ceremony, p.33 features our Breakout Extension, winner of Special Prize: Best Value


Don’t Move, Improve 2017, New London Architecture,  catalogue of the exhibition and awards ceremony, p.58 features our Somerfield Road,


Additions to the Architects Journal Buildings Library launched in 2013 added:

Grazebrook (completed 2011) (pdf)

Folded Roof (completed 2012)

Shadow House (completed 2013)

Murray Mews (completed 2016)

Somerfield Road (completed 2016)


Living Etc. Magazine, ‘9 Inspiring Ways to Extend Your Home’ May 2015, p. 161 features our Glass Slot Extension


‘Architect of the Week’, 1 December 2014, Modern House Journal, features our Folded Roof, Glass Slot Extension and Murray Mews

Homes and Gardens, February 2014, also features our Folded Roof


Architects Journal Buildings Library,  ‘98 London Exemplar House Extensions’, launched in 2013 includes three Knott Architects projects. Previews viewable without a subscription, photos and drawings viewable with an AJ subscription or pdfs here:

Concrete and Glass Kitchen

Glass Slot Extension

Japanese Bath with a View

‘Life Class’, Building Design’s back-page regular, Friday 07/06/2013

‘Grey Court School’, Building Design, 12 April 2013


‘From Garage to Glorious Home’, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, 13 January features our Camden Mews project

‘Kitchens with Character’, Grand Designs Magazine, July Issue

‘Statement Staircases’, Living Etc. Magazine, October 2012, p.150. Features the stairs in our Camden Mews project


‘Homes: a plan for all seasons’, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, 19 November features our project in Baronsfield Road, St Margarets


Small Projects Part 2′, The Architects’ Journal – 21.01.10 – Number 2 Volume 231. For more details of the competition, download the press release (96k)


‘Real Solutions: Kitchen Extension’, Real Homes, August 2009, features our Drylands Road project

‘Funds for tactile planning model’, Building Design, 27 November 2009 –  features our Tactile City planning aid


Grand Designs: Trade Secrets – Peckham, More 4 television programme, Talkback Thames TV, part of Fremantle Media, features one of the Mews Flats in our Custom Self Build Development


“Home Shopping”, Self Build and Design, July 2006, features 5 Pods House

“A Touch of Glass”, Sunday Times Inside Out, May 2006, p.94 features our Glass Garden Room, Islington

“Estate of Play”, Move or Improve?,  April 2006, features 5 Pods House

“The Grand Guide: Extensions”, Grand Designs Magazine, March 2006, features Garden Rooms, Crouch End

“Single Minded”, Grand Designs Magazine, January 2006 features our Mews Housing

Small Spaces: Good Ideas, Christina Paredes, Collins Design & Loft Publications, ISBN 9780060833374, features our Brighton Pod

“In With the New”, 25 Beautiful Homes – November 2005, features our 5 Pods House

“Sharing the Load”, Grand Designs, April 2005, features our Live/Work development


Guerilla Homes – BBC3 08 September 2004 features our Live/Work development

Children’s Rooms Essentials, Judith Wilson (London, Ryland Peters & Small) ISBN 9781841726854

“Out of Sight”, Self Build and Design Magazine, August 2004, pp. 50-56 features our Live/Work development

“Child’s Play”, Living, Etc., November 2004

“Access All Areas”, Grand Designs Magazine, September 2004

The London Open House Guide 2004 features our 5 Pods House


Family Living: creating the perfect family home (Judith Wilson, 2003, Ryland Peters & Small, London, ISBN1-84172-405-X), pp. 8, 9, 48-9, 64, 65, 74, 88-9, 106, 107, 114, 117, 134

Case Study 2: Working Together”, Self Build and Design Magazine, May 2003, p. 44-50, features our Mews Housing project

“Self-Build Homes: two into one will go”, Three Sixty, Spring/Summer 2003, p. 58, features our Live/Work development


“Star Gazing”, Small Urban Interiors (Ana Cristina G. Cañizares, (Paco Asensio, ed), 2002, Loft Publications, Page One Publishing, Singapore, ISBN 981-4019-69-0), p. 258

“A problem shared… “, The Observer, November 2002

“Let the Sun Shine In”, Sunday Times Home, June 2002

“Twice As Nice”, The Independent, Review, March 2002

“AJ Small Projects 2002”, The Architects Journal, January 2002


London Apartments, Paco Asensio, teNeues Publishing & Loft Publications, ISBN 9783823855583

“One House – Two Families, Dwell, December 2001

“On the Waterfront”, Architecture Today, September 2001

“Wooden Heart”, Building Design – May 2001

New Architects 2: A guide to Britain’s best young architectural practices, The Architecture Foundation, Merrell Publishers Ltd, ISBN 978-1858941387


“Loft in London’s Soho”, Dream Apartments, (Paco Asenisio, 1999, Loft Publications, an imprint of Harper Collins, ISBN 0-8230-6637-1), p. 90, features our Loft Apartment, Soho


New Architects: A guide to Britain’s best young architectural practices, Lee Mallet, The Architecture Foundation (London, The Foundation 1998)


“AJ Small Projects II”, The Architects Journal, September 1997

“Under £150K” The Architects Journal, May 1997