Drayton Park

Drayton Park

A two-storey upper maisonette near the Arsenal has been remodelled to create a spacious top floor open-plan living space. A new, finely crafted Douglas Fir stair screen connects the various levels, acting as handrail, balustrade, and fire wall.

With the initial intention to improve the kitchen, many possible layouts were explored before deciding on completely opening up the top floor, creating an open plan kitchen / dining / living space, with an open stairway leading to it.

Originally dark, the stairway from the communal entrance lead to two bedrooms on the first floor and kitchen and separate living room on the second.

A new glass landing to the open stairway allows daylight down to the entrance. Floor to ceiling doors on the bedroom level accentuate the loftiness of the spaces, and allow more light through.

The fully opened up top floor features Knott Architects designed bespoke kitchen, dining, and lounge area furniture. The kitchen features dyed concrete worktops, and birch ply units.

The Client was able to make the kitchen entirely to their requirements, including a bridging shelf across the rear window, providing a place to perch and watch the world outside. 


Photography: Dome Photography