Design Approach


Designing with our clients is a creative journey.

Questioning, pushing boundaries, stimulating and reinterpreting in order to establish a brief that has the correct ‘fit’ within a broadly considered context.

The resulting brief generates a diagrammatic framework of rationality and fantasy which is used to structure the design. Where the conceptual framework is rigorous and robust it can inform every level of the design down to the last detail so as to produce a pure, coherent and legible result.

Good design enriches life. At every scale from a city to a light-fitting; design can improve the quality of our environment. Architecture is a dynamic and evolving art. Knott Architects seeks to contribute to this process in a serious, considered and enjoyable way.

Clients enjoy being involved in this creative journey by bringing their influence to the process and product. The result is a crafted modernism that respects each situation and each client as unique and special.