Achieving an Ecological Balance

Sustainability in Architecture has become essential. It must be considered at all stages of design and we find that clients are increasingly keen on affecting climate change whilst, also, saving money on fuel and water bills.

Knott Architects takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Good Architecture will allow ‘greening’ without compromising the Concept of the Design. Sustainability does not need to be the raison d’etre of the design but should be naturally integrated.

Ultimately the future is buildings that produce zero (or even negative) carbon emissions in their production and use.

Alternative energy sources
Well insulated buildings
Green or brown roofs
Thermal massing
Passive solar gain
Low energy and water use
High efficiency fittings and appliances
Recycling of waste (grey) water and rainwater
Passive stack ventilation
Harvesting wind and solar energy
Lifecycle flexibility of building use and layout

Knott Architects is a signatory to the
Architects Declare and
RetroFirst initiatives.